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CNC Milling

Mills are very capable machines and are able to handle a massive variety of jobs. A CNC, or computer numerical control, mill takes that ability and increases it on an exponential scale by adding the ability to machine complex geometry in 2 or 3 axes simultaneously and at very high rates.

Some of the things CNC mills can accomplish include:

  • Cutting and shaping various materials such as metal, plastics, and composites with high precision

  • Drilling holes and tapping threads

  • Engraving and etching designs onto surfaces

  • Creating complex 3D shapes and contours

  • Replicating parts with high accuracy and consistency

These capabilities make CNC mills useful in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics manufacturing.


For more complicated parts or parts that require multiple setups, we can utilize our 4-axis mill. With the addition of a 4-axis, 4-station vise, we can work on three sides of four separate parts all in the same cycle. This means that we are taking a conventional 3-axis mill from being able to machine one setup at a time and multiplying it by 12x!

From simple drilling and milling operations to more complex simultaneous 3D contouring, our mills are able to make just about anything. 

Do you have a part you'd like to run larger quantities of? We can also help with optimizing the machines for that too by streamlining the setup procedure, creating a custom fixture to hold multiple parts, and optimizing the program to run more efficiently. 

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