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Laser etched stem caps


Laser etching, or engraving, is the process of removing or burning a material with a high-powered laser source in order to mark it. The laser source is accurately controlled with a sophisticated set of lenses and mirrors in order to create highly accurate and crisp text or designs. 

Our laser is able to mark on nearly any material, including:

  • The majority of plastics

  • Slate / Stone

  • Aluminum; anodized and raw

  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Other metals


The laser speed, frequency, focus, loop count, power, and various other parameters can all be edited to get different results on a variety of materials. 


This is a great way to add important information to your product or to just add a cool custom look to your part.  

Our laser has also been fitted with a higher power, 30w, laser and upgraded lens to give it a generous 220mm x 220mm (8.6in x 8.6in) marking window. This allows us to mark multiple small parts in a single cycle or include more features in a single marking cycle. 

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