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Rocket Trolley

Built For

Skyline Ziplines Ltd


AL 6061-T6, SS316




Machined & Anodized


  • Design

  • CNC Milling

  • CNC Turning

  • Laser Etching


The Rocket Trolley has been a staple in Skyline's lineup of products since the beginning and has remained relatively unchanged for years. 

When Skytech CNC took it over, we decided to revamp it to boost its aesthetic appeal while maintaining the reliability, strength, and performance the original has always been known for. 

Grouse Mtn Fly a.jpeg


The Trolley has been completely 3D modelled down to every nut, bolt, circlip and bearing. This allows us to ensure fitment of assemblies before moving forward with manufacturing.


Once the model is perfect, we move towards prototyping and manufacturing. The Rocket trolley is actually made up of 17 CNC-machined components and the body is assembled using 60 solid rivets creating a unit that is stronger and more reliable than a welded construction.



Once all of the components are machined and assembled, the trolleys are sent out to get anodized in Skyline's signature red colour. 

Once they return, it is time for finishing touches. This means putting them back into the mill to get engraved or in the laser to have them etched. 


Step by Step

Every design starts with an idea, whether that be super well thought out or a simple scribble on a napkin. We love taking those ideas and bringing them to life. 

We start with paper; brainstorming ideas until we can see a vision of what it could be and some distinct features to get us there. We then take it to the computer and bring those two-dimensional sketches into 3D models. At this point, we can really start to get excited about what we've got. 

But, this is still just an idea. Nothing beats being able to bring that idea to the real world in the form of something you can hold, feel, and mess around with. This is where 3D printing comes in. We can go back and forth with this process of modeling, printing, and testing until the concept is exactly what you're looking for.


Then, let's get machining!

E-Launcher Breakdown.jpg
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