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Isiah Smith

With over 2 years of experience operating CNC Machines, Isiah felt that it was time to look into the programming side of machining and begin manufacturing products of his own. After completing his mechanical engineering degree with a focus on manufacturing, he spearheaded the creation of the Skytech CNC machine shop. 

Working alongside Skyline Ziplines Ltd. allowed Isiah to begin his product design career as the Lead Product Engineer & Designer for Skyline to bring their products to the next level.


After 3 years of running the shop, Isiah has decided to begin to take on new jobs/projects.


With a passion for engineering & product design, Isiah is the man for the job when it comes to starting a new project and bringing it across the finish line with world-class quality! 


With over 35 years working at companies like Rolls Royce, CAE, Sulzer Pumps, Access Precision Machining & many more, Steve has decided that Pemberton is where he wants to settle.

Lucky for us, Steve has joined our team to aid in building a world-class machine shop with his wealth of experience. The in-depth knowledge & experience Steve brings to our machine shop makes him a valuable asset when it comes to every aspect of the manufacturing process. 

FUN FACT: Steve is a Cruiser Bike fanatic and on his time off will manufacture parts for his old bikes to give them a cool new look and feel.

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